Frog Hollow History


We are not sure if these are prisoner trees but there is a high chance that the marks on these trees are from chains around prisoners neck as they waited to journey accross the city.

Penni has a particular interest in the significant and historic trees which have been earmarked for demolition to make way for Barneson Boulevard, and she has been doing some research on them.

Please see photos attached, taken today. The rings on the trunks and the yarn bombing to which Penni refers are clearly visible. There are also some messages from the trees to Minister Manison and the Chief Minister.

I note that the "prison trees" are located adjacent to the site of the creek that used to run through Frog Hollow. This creek was an important source of fresh water for the Larrakia people and the early settlers. Also the prison gangs apparently. Some people say that the creek was spring-fed and the spring was capped by the government. It certainly runs underground now. I note that it is marked on the title deed as a PowerWater easement.