Community to host public action against ‘disastrous’ Barneson Boulevard project

STOP Barneson Boulevard

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24 February 2018

Community to host public action against ‘disastrous’ Barneson Boulevard project

What: Darwin residents concerned with the health, environmental and cultural risks posed by the controversial $39.5 million Barneson Boulevard will hold a peaceful public action to inform the public of the project’s probable risk of failure and call for government action to stop the road.

The event will be attended by members of community group STOP Barneson Boulevard, which has nearly 700 active members, One Mile Dam residents and others who oppose the project dubbed the unwanted ‘Road to Nowhere’.

When: Saturday 24 February from 10am to 11am. Visuals including large crowd and posters. Interviews early Saturday morning also available.

Where: Cavenagh ‘River of Fire’ Street near the Woolworths at Darwin City.

Why: STOP Barneson Boulevard spokesperson and local resident Laurie Boehler said:

“I firmly believe that Barneson Boulevard is not in the best interest for the citizens of greater Darwin or those of the Northern Territory. We are hosting this action to highlight the objections that we think should be brought to the public’s attention.”

“The caring and vocal majority of the community do not want this road to go ahead because of the potential damage to the one-mile dam area and Frog Hollow Park, the old grade school building which now houses the Art Centre and the noise, pollution as well as the heat intensification that four lanes of bitumen will create.”

“We are calling on all levels of government to listen to the community and review the need for this project immediately. We are adamant that the funds would do much more good for Darwin CBD and the Territory if the money was used to upgrade regional roads, hire more police persons, relieve pressure at the Royal Darwin Hospital and on our ambulance service personnel.”

Media contacts

Laurie Boehler - 0419 864 058
Nick Kirlew - 0447 499 794

Photos, maps, interviews with residents from One Mile Dam and a background brief available. Find out more: