Community members were extremely disappointed to hear that Barneson Boulevard construction will soon commence. STOP Barneson Boulevard group have long campaigned for this road project to be reviewed and have recommended alternatives that would NOT negatively impact the CBD.

Retired local businesswoman and former tourism operator Penni Tastula, a vocal opponent of the road, said today "with the amount of construction in the CBD that has been announced recently, we don't know how traders in the city are going to survive. There will be road closures, big trucks and heavy machinery operating in every corner of the CBD over the coming few months.”

Mrs Tastula added, “it was shaping up to be a bumper tourist season, which our tourism industry and our city traders desperately need to survive, but now we might as well hang up a big sign at the new entrance to the city (the Woolworths wall on Cavenagh Street) that says 'CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION”.

The tourism potential of the valuable green space in the heart of the city at Frog Hollow is substantial. A social-cultural museum in this heritage precinct could preserve and celebrate the unique tropical classrooms of the 1950s with the original fountain and wishing well whose remains are still present. The gardens and the large established shade trees and the Park environment are all within walking distance to the cruise ship terminal and every city hotel. A 4- lane road through the middle of this precinct, unfortunately ensures that this potential will be lost forever", Mrs Tastula said.

STOP Barneson Boulevard will campaign for the road to stop at McMinn St in a roundabout, rather than proceed through Frog Hollow. This option has shown to be a better alternative by independent traffic modelling compared to the current flawed plan. It would also result in saving Frog Hollow.

Media contacts:

Nick Kirlew 0447 499 794
Penni Tastula 0417 893 288