Stop Barneson Boulevard June 18, 2018 - Lawrence Boehler

The attached article is too many words for a letter to the editor so I am drafting a shorter one. Comments please.

Stop Barneson Boulevard June 18, 2018

Apparently in the original planning of Barneson Boulevard it was to end at McMinn Street. This was and still is a viable rational approach which would alleviate some congestion at other entrances and exits to the CBD. However, the most significant outcome would of course be the conservation of the Frog Hollow, Art Centre precinct.
I recently received a transcript of the Press conference, Barneson Boulevard dated 15 May 2018. My comments are based on a few of the illogical statements made to the media by the persons being interviewed.
Nicole Manison:
“We are going to protect the fabulous Frog Hollow Park and bring it back to life, because that is a part of Darwin that has been long-forgotten for too long, and we are going to make sure that that becomes a better public space for people to enjoy.”
It is impossible to make a park a better public space for people to enjoy by putting a four-lane bi-directional roadway along one side of the park with car, truck and motorcycle traffic. May just as well pave Frog Hollow and put up a parking lot!
Michael McCormack:
(Excerpts of quotes) 1. “to do this project which is going to revitalise Darwin,” 2. “a significant investment.” 3. “It does ease congestion,”
All three of these excerpts are based on speculation with no assurance that they will ever materialise.
Paul Fletcher:
“And this is a very important day with the commencement of work on this vital Barneson Boulevard project, which is going to transform the Darwin CBD and access to it.”
Extending the Boulevard past McMinn Street is not vital, and the transformation of Darwin again, is pure speculation.
Nigel Scullion: “This investment is an investment, and not a cost, because it meets the challenges of the future.”
Again speculation.
Kon Vatskalis:
“Now, I know that people say it shouldn’t be done, can’t be done, but I am sick and tired of the don’t do it brigade. I’ve had enough of it.”
I am a member of your so called don’t do it brigade and proud of it. Your statement is a form of bullying and nothing less than a public apology will change my opinion on your tirade against citizens that have the courage to voice their concerns about destroying the green space that mother nature created!
“All buildings around the campus,”
I looked up definition of the word campus and in most dictionaries the definition states buildings and grounds. Grounds of course are quiet areas with green grass and shade trees such as in Frog Hollow, a large part of which will become a four lanes road with noisy vehicles.
The only sensible solution is to end the road with a roundabout at McMinn Street as first proposed. Frog Hollow and the Art Centre precinct must remain with future upgrades. Barneson Street should be extended to Dinah Beach Road but in a lesser extravagant form.