MEDIA RELEASE – Trial Ride – how safe is our city?

STOP Barneson Boulevard (SBB) spokesperson, Nick Kirlew, today advised that due to the many inconsistencies in the consultation process by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) over the Barneson Boulevard project that SBB are holding a Trial Ride this Saturday, 9th December. Ride participants will meet at Parap Markets at 8:30am and leave for the city at 9:00am. The aim of the Trial Ride is to safely get Territory families on bicycles into Raintree Park in the centre of the city. Participants will also be shown how apparent DIPL inconsistencies will affect the CBD over the route of the ride.

Mr Kirlew went on to say, at Raintree Park SBB will discuss the main inconsistencies including the new independent traffic modelling report which has cast doubt over the rigor of the Jacobs traffic modelling report.

The list of unanswered questions includes, but is not limited to:

Why an environmental audit with soil testing was not commissioned by DIPL until late October 2017? DIPL advised during the consultation process that construction “presents a low but acceptable risk” (to Darwin City Council”) and “the department has all relevant clearance and approvals for the project” (to Darwin City Council) and then, ”potential environmental risks are being considered”.

A review of the Jacobs Traffic Modelling Report has been carried out, raising further questions:

Why was the Jacobs Traffic Modelling Report not commissioned to considered alternate solutions? Modern alternatives that cities are pursuing to minimise traffic in CBDs such as efficient public transport and upgrading existing major entries were not considered at all.


There are apparent data and logic errors in the report to DIPL? Specifically the two intersection models used are not considering the same intersection layouts. There are many more questions over the report but perhaps a telling omission is that on one section of road over 100 cars disappear with no way of those cars leaving the road. Some intersections in the report have no data allocated hence reducing the potential for meaningful assessment of traffic outcomes.

On the Trial Ride participants will visit the Woolworth’s wall and bus stop. The Jacobs Traffic Modelling Report did not include pedestrian traffic in its analysis of the Cavenagh intersection with Barneson Boulevard! With Buses, cars, shoppers, CDU students, CDU staff and cross city pedestrians this last intersection will present quite different outcomes than shown in the report.

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