Meet with the Lord Mayor

11/10/2017 we met with the Lord Mayor of Darwin, Kon Vatskalis to discuss Frog Hollow.

At the time One Mile Dam was being inundated with "crap" and a delegation from the Dam also attended.

The Stop Barneson Boulevard team considered it best to split the meeting with the One Mile Dam people.

So we quickly covered off with the mayor the following:

  • Just prior to the election the Mayor was on record that Frog Hollow should not be touched. This is the council land.
  • We discussed the NTG plan for an amphitheater which was news to the Mayor. The plan for an amphitheater has not been canvassed with the residents or Darwin or the Darwin City Council (DCC).
  • The mayor brought up his concept of in and out on McMinns Street, leaving Frog Hollow precinct untouched.
  • The mayor advised Darwin residents to go to LGANT to get clarity on whether the previous DCC decision was taken with a thorough understanding of the project.
  • Next the mayor advised approaching the Environmental Protection Authourity to gain clarity on the upcoming environmental issues involved in excavating a petro-chemical site.

From that meeting we went to ABC radio and recorded a session with Kate O'Toole on drive. To listen go to and slide the timer to about 1:45.

The record of the One Mile Dam portion of the meeting is recorded elsewhere. Regards Nick

Photo by Ken Hodge 2006.